Saturday, September 11, 2010

Su-Yin's 1st piano recital

This is an older article that I wrote in May but never had it posted because I was hoping that I could include the video of Su-Yin's recital but somehow I could not get it right. I had to convert it to a compatible format before it will take. In any case, I thought I post it anyway and add the video clip later. So here it is. Do check back later for the video clip.

May 15, 2010
Saturday evening - 6 something pm.

We were at Encore Piano around 6 something and we were the first to arrive. Ms Chen (piano teacher) and her husband Joseph were already there of course with one of their friends to help out.
Since we are the first to arrive, Su-Yin get to practice on the grand piano. Pictures were taken and then guests and players started to drift in.

I can see excited parents and some of the performers were dressed up. Suyin had on my outfit which suits her perfectly. She looked gorgeous.

Performance began at 7pm and there were a combination of pianist (Ms Chen's students) and violinist (Joseph's students). Some songs chosen were boring but there were a few outstanding violinists and pianists. Su-Yin performed well. She played Beethoven's Minuet in G and Boogie on Broadway. Heather and her mom came to the performance which was very nice of them. Shawn was out of town, thus was unable to see Su-Yin perform among so many parents and students.

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