Tuesday, September 7, 2010


I made it!!! The Queen of Hearts costume adapted from Simplicity's patterns. I spent the whole Labor Day weekend to work on it and viola! the complete costume fit for a Queen! I think I can keep my head now :-)

See for yourself - isn't the costume gorgeous? It is complete now with the hem done, the ribbons on the sleeves added and even the collar is in.

Add the orange hair with the crown and it is all set for the grand entrance.

The whole costume has hearts all over it. On the sleeves, on the skirt front panel (hidden under the red sheer fabric and heart shaped dangling beads on the center front bodice.

Su-Yin told me one of her classmates is also going to be the Queen of Hearts come Halloween and she remarked that Su-Yin's costume is going to be much better than hers!
Well... I am not tooting my own horn but seriously this costume is really really gorgeous.

I can't wait to have Suyin put on this costume and have her face all made-up to be the Queen of Hearts.

I also intend to submit this costume for Simplicity's costume contest this year. I might win or I might not but if I don't try, I will never know. So wish me luck.

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