Sunday, September 19, 2010


Whenever I feel like having egg tarts, I would have to either go to the dim sum place or order them in advance from a Chinese bakery. They are good but sometimes you don't think of ordering it when you just want an egg tart, right?

Ordering it means you have to drive out to pick them up yourself at a certain time. Eating it at the dim sum place means you tend to eat too much of other stuff and will end up not having the space to add one more egg tart!

So in order to cure my egg tart fix, I have to make it myself, as and when I feel like having one. Besides, I have always wanted to try my hands at making egg tarts. The custard is so smooth and the pastry yummy. I believe the custard is the hard part to master and the pastry, well... that's another story depending on what kind of pastry you would like.

So here it is - finally I made it. I probably have baked the tart a tad too long as the custard is not smooth but it taste like the real thing! I can do better with a different kind of pastry too but that would be my next adventure.

And so, let's "yarm cha" everyone. A cup of green tea with "darn tart" - wah... heavenly!

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