Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My boss cannot stand gnomes and somehow gnomes start to appear in his office one after another, day after day, week after week. No one knows who the gnome bandit is, no one have seen him/her. Each time a gnome appears, it is at someone else's desk addressed to my boss. It keeps multiplying and now he has a "gnome museum" in his office. The gnomes are all housed on his bookshelf. He tries to give it away, trash it but it keeps coming back. Somehow, we all know he enjoys them and doesn't mind having it displayed in his office.

He went to Norway on business about 3 weeks ago and there, he found himself in Gnomeland! There are stores upon stores selling nothing but gnomes - any imaginable ones you can think of, you can get it there. I am surprised he hasn't have a gnome dream yet!

My boss' birthday is coming up, actually it's this Saturday and I have made these little gnomes sitting on a mushroom for his special day. Of course I am not going to tell him that it came from me. It would just appear like all the rest.

Happy Birthday Boss! Hope gnome-body is going to give my secret away!

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