Saturday, September 4, 2010

Mad Hatter hat - Alice in Wonderland

It all started when I saw this pattern from Simplicity - an Alice in Wonderland costume for Alice and the Queen of Hearts. I showed it to my 12 year old daughter and she immediately decided that she wants to be the Queen of Hearts! "Off with your heads!" - that's what most remember of the Queen in the latest Alice in Wonderland movie. In fact, I read that this year's Halloween we would find quite a lot of people dressed up as the Mad Hatter, Alice or the Queen of Hearts.

My daughter has 2 friends whom she is pretty close with at school. So what better way than to have all 3 dressed up from the movie Alice in Wonderland this Halloween! One will be Alice (Heather), one will be the Mad Hatter (Lena) and my daughter (Su-Yin) will be the Queen of Hearts - make up and that heart-shaped lips as well. I can' t wait for Halloween to see them!

So off I went to my bamboo chest full of fabrics and notions to find a suitable fabric for the Mad Hatter's hat, his jacket, Alice's costume and her Majesty's.

So here is the Mad hatter and Alice's costume. Don't mind the girls - they are not really ready to to dress up - this is just to show me how it looks.

Now on with the Queen's costume or it will be "off with my head"!!! ha! ha!

I love Halloween - so much fun to see people getting into the spirit. I love going into my daughter's school on the day the school have their Halloween celebration. Watching every kid in their costumes - it's amazing how some kids are so creative! I usually carve one pumpkin and bring it either to school or work just for the fun of it.

Here are some of my pumpkin carving creations:

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