Tuesday, September 21, 2010


Have you ever wondered "who you really are", what pedigree you come from, do you have a family Coat of Arms or a Crest or are you even related to someone famous? It seems like a lifelong process if you want to dig all the way back to when time began or a little after but that sounds and will be tedious, however whatever results you find along the way would be interesting to know.

But where do you start? Honestly, you should start asking your parents or grandparents if they are still living. Never mind if you don't have the time to put them all together, just have the ancestors' names written down, and believe me, it would make everything a whole lot easier if one fine day, you decide to do a family tree like what I am facing now. How I wished father is still here, I could have documented all his interesting stories, he has a wealth of lifetime experiences.

So with whatever we have accumulated through the years, thanks to cousin Fun, I can more or less do the family chart that we should all be proud of. I used the fan chart template found on Martha Stewart's website and just plotted in cousin Fun ancestors' names just to see how it will look like and here it is.

It is by no means done, it is still a "work in progress" for now. I still have to master my calligraphy skills and do a better job on this. And I am still gathering information to complete my family's ancestor chart. Once it's all said and done, framed and everything else, I would have a great heirloom. How about that, eh?

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  1. A Well done family tree! I always like to read your blog, full of creative ideas . You have so much time to juggle between work, leisure and hobby, besides attending to your daughter and husband's needs..... a very dedicated mother and wife indeed. Konichiwa