Wednesday, October 27, 2010

4 days to Halloween

What comes to mind when you think of Halloween? Pumpkins for sure, candy corn, trick or treat, witches, ghosts and everything eerie and spooky.

This year, I decided to create something fun instead of the same decoration we had last year. First, I had a Halloween tree, inspired by the Christmas trees that are already decked out in the stores. I need the tree to be specifically for Halloween with colors of black and orange which are typically the colors of the season. And here is my tree.

I kept adding stuff to my tree so it will look complete and full. It looks good now I think.

Oh, I made some bats and hung them on the light fixture as a mobile in the foyer. I added some sparkle to the bats' wings and they look spectacular.

Next comes the blank walls I have in the living and media rooms. They say it is like a blank canvas that you could do whatever you like and so after searching on the web, I decided to do some silhouettes this time. I wanted something spooky but couldn't get any that are worth my wall space. So I searched for "witches" and there were plenty of silhouettes I could use.

The tough part is the images I see on the web are tiny and the walls I have are huge. So what do I do? I cannot possibly enlarged it to the size of the wall, so I did it freehand. Yep, all the witches silhouettes you see here are drawn freehand with only my eyes as the enlarger.

The end results? I think I did well considering that I did not use the standard grids to do the enlargement.

This one is in the living room and it is rather large.

This other witch is in the media room - also quite large.

And finally, we must have some scary silhouettes as well.

And this antique witch below is also found online. Su-Yin wanted one for her bedroom and I did this (freehand as well) so she will have a good witch to watch over her ... I think it is so cute.

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  1. You are so creative. I like the witches and the bats. Good job.