Sunday, October 17, 2010

Horse costume out of carton box

Two of my co-workers were campaigning to be the "sheriff" of the office (a fun thing the company came up in conjunction with the company summer picnic gathering) and when they came by to my cubicle, I saw them carrying a stick horse and a unicorn to be their horses. I told them that will not win them the title of sheriff, what they need are "real" horses and so I decided to make them their horses the next day.

I gathered a couple of empty carton boxes, big enough to fit a person and when I got home, I started my plan into action. I had only one night to make them and I know I have to think quick and use items from home. So I searched the internet and found a few horses head designs. I wanted a friendly looking horse and I needed something to make the tail. We had some rubber mats which were the right color, and had the tail for my horses. Next I have to figure out how the "sheriffs" are going to "ride" their horses and after searching for ideas, I decided to use ribbons where the sheriffs can place over their shoulders.
After the horses are completed, my funny bone gave me another idea that would be fun and would send the crowd into a laughing fit. The sound of horses galloping and what better way to do that than to use the idea from Monty Python's movie the Holy Grail. Knocking coconut shell together to make the sound of horse galloping!

Wow, you should see how the crowd roared into laughter when the "sheriffs" galloped in with their "horses" with galloping sound effects! It was hilarious to say the least.

After the whole event is over, the girls won the sheriff contests and my horses were returned to my corral. I then turned around and gave it away as they make such good costumes for Halloween or for any kids who want to have their own horses, gallop and all.

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