Saturday, October 23, 2010


I didn't know there is a Star Trek fan day this weekend right here in our backyard Plano! All we know is that things like this never comes to Dallas, and definitely not to Plano!!! but we were very excited when I found out it is really going to be held at the Plano Convention Center! There was not much publicity, at least not that I am aware of. This event is not just on Star Trek, it is a combination of sci-fi and wizardry as well. We saw Malfoy from Harry Potter fame as well and a few fans dressed in Star War gear but majority who are in costumes came as Star Trek characters.

We looked at the schedule and today, Saturday Oct 23, Commander Riker, Data and Wouf are going to be there for autographs and photo ops! How cool is that? Captain Kirk is also there but we have met him and taken photos with him in Vancouver, Canada last June, so we are interested in only getting photos from the group from The Next Generation.

Here is the photo we took today. From let to right, Data, yes, that is Wouf!!! myself, Shawn, Suyin and Riker. They are fun people and they joked and talked to us too. We were the first in line to get the photo taken with the group.
After that, we went to the vendors section and bought Tshirts (of course) and Suyin and I bought the Bajoran ear-rings. They are cool. We met some Klingons as well and they are awesome!

We had fun despite the heavy downpour this afternoon.

The next Star Trek fan day coming to Plano again will be in January 2011 and this time, Uhura will be there from the original Star Trek series. She is just one of the many stars appearing but I am sure the line-up will be impressive, just like this one.

These photos are tell-tale signs that we enjoyed every bit of our trip to the event.

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