Monday, December 13, 2010


What a challenging hour I have when my husband tried to walk me through to connect the printer to my laptop. The printer is physically there and the driver is also there but where the hell in all those directories and sub-directories do I find it to install? That's the frustrating part for my husband - bless his heart :-0

I did exactly what he told me to open, click and do but still, the file I downloaded or ran or whatever is nowhere to be found. Search the sub-directories on the C drive and the E drive and see if there are any "new" files, he said. Huh? I am not a technical person nor am I a computer savy person, so how would I be able to identify a "new" file that just appeared with one glance? My eyes are not trained for such a sweep? Ask me if I can spot a wrong font size on a Word document and I can easily point it out but a "new" file that was not there before - like a few minutes ago? How? Where?


To me, the yellow folder-like icon on the directory should be a folder and one that does not look like a folder is not a folder, right? So how difficult is that? My husband keeps asking me to look through the sub-directory and see if there are any files - NOT folders, he said. Believe me, there are not many items on that sub-directory, and there are only yellow folders, nothing else - no files. He just wouldn't believe me. I can see and I see no other files except those bloody yellow folders!

Oh boy, to say men are from Mars and women are from Venus is so true in this case. What he thinks should be in the sub-directories is not there, I am telling you, right now as I looked at the directory, there are NO files, only folders. I can hear frustrations on the other side of the phone line ... he wouldn't believe me. He must think I am from Mars and he from Venus!

He said "ok, let's try another route". Ok, tell me how. Yet again, what he thinks is there is not there - I am looking at my computer, he is not... so who is telling the exact things that they see on the computer? Yes, me! We tried 2 other routes to get that printer hooked up but just couldn't because I was not seeing what he wants me to see, what he thinks should be there.

He said it should be just 3 clicks and the printer would be hooked up - just like that - no, not when I am not seeing what he wants me to see and click.

Isn't it ridiculous? 3 clicks , well, if he was here to physically do it, perhaps yes, 3 clicks but for me ... just not clicking! Sorry!

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  1. Haha...I would be exactly like your experience if I am in 'your shoes' cos' I'm also not a computer buzz , just a layman from 'dinosaurs age'..... to me, a folder is a folder, a file is a file, an icon is an icon....quite straightforward but to a computer wizard, they relate it in different understanding.... and my son in order to explain to me clearly, he will guide one step by one step or even illustrate by drawing instead....haha.....