Saturday, December 4, 2010


I have been watching this satsuma orange (only one) that is dangling from the dwarf tree for a long time - wondering when I can pluck it off. And the harvest is finally here - TODAY. It might just be one miserable fruit this year but... it is huge! 33cm diameter (13 inches) and it is so juicy - OMG... unbelieavable. Sweet, juicy and seedless. Love it. If I have a huge harvest this year, I would have eaten all of it in one sitting - it is that good.

The Owari variety hails from Japan and made its way to the West in the year 1800 something.

The fruit ripens from October to November and the fruit is often seedless as in my case. I hardly care for it really - just water it when I am in the backyard. It is cold tolerant up to 15 degrees F which means I don't have to bring it in when there is frost in the winter. Works perfect for people like me.

This variety of mandarin orange is highly recommended by me if you want to grow a citrus tree at home. Low maintenance. It has evergreen leaves that droops somewhat. Go for it!

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