Sunday, December 19, 2010


There is this one Asian diner place that has Mongolian beef on their menu and Su-Yin just loves it a lot. I think she likes the sweet sauce and not so much the spring onions or the mushrooms that came with the dish.

There are many restaurants that offer this dish but not the same of course and Su-Yin only likes the one from Pei Wei, the Asian diner. I searched the web in the hope that someone would have tried it and came up with a dish similar to that - I didn't find any that is close to it, so I have to adapt a recipe I found to our taste.

The secret to making this dish I find, is that you must have the right cut of beef, if not... like I did the first time, using any beef I have in the freezer, will not make it. If that is the case, you have to tenderized the meat before cooking and the next important part is, when you briefly fried the beef, it must not be let to cook for too long, otherwise, the beef will be tough and hard to chew. Speaking from experience here :-)

Once these 2 factors are properly followed, there should not be a reason why this dish will not be one of the favorites of the family.

Here's my version of the Mongolian beef dish, I didn't put any mushrooms or spring onions as in Pei Wei's version because Su-Yin will not eat them. The other reason being, I have no mushrooms in my pantry. I do have some spring onions in the garden but they are not that great looking at this time of year.

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