Thursday, December 2, 2010


Petite little things, right? That's what I have for dinner tonight. I didn't get them at the local Chinese dim sum restaurant - I made them.

We all know "siew mai" is part of the dim-sum family and is popular among many Chinese folks as well as Westerners who have savored them and liked them - a lot!

What is there not to like? It is a filling of meat - pork, shrimp and mushroom mixture wrapped simply with a wonton skin and then steamed to perfection. One can dip them in hoisin sauce, Sriracha chili sauce, soya sauce or as is.

This is the 2nd dim sum item I have made so far. The first attempt was my egg tart "darn tart" which turned out real well (see my earlier post). My next dim sum quest? I really don't know yet. It will have to depend on my whims and fancies and mood when I come round to it. I have no idea when that quest will fall upon me but right now, I have many petite dumplings to finish!

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