Monday, December 6, 2010


The weather is cold outside this week and perhaps it is the weather, or the shorter days and longer nights that makes one yearn for soup and nothing else for dinner. It's winte
r here and we go to school and work bright and early at 7am which seems like 9am and we come home at 6pm which seems like 9pm. Our "internal" clocks are all out of whack because of the change of time. It's so dark when we get home each day even though it is only 6pm! I feel like it is time to go to bed, I don't feel like cooking dinner because it looks like it is late in the night.

This is probably not the only reason I feel like having soup. I ate some real nice roasted red pepper soup and fancy tomato basil soup and it is so yummy. They are so good that I want to make it myself.

The other reason for soup is Shawn, my husband who decided that he wants to make French onion soup. What is wrong with us this week? All we can think about is soup! and suddenly, "sup kambing" came to mind. I remember having that at the mamak store late at night back home.

Tonight's dinner is sup kambing. It tastes good but I think it could be better. The soup is not thick enough and the spices could be a bit more pungent. I am going to let it sit overnight in the fridge and see if the taste will develop and taste better tomorrow.

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