Wednesday, February 2, 2011


After trying the new Malaysian restaurant the other day, I was determined to cook beef rendang myself. I told myself I could have done better.

So yesterday, while we were all "locked in" because of the wintry weather where all the roads are icy and slick, I embarked on my mission.

I want to make the authentic Malaysian beef rendang from scratch. Since we are locked in, I have to make sure I have all the necessary main ingredients. I checked the freezer and yes! I have the beef, lengkuas and shredded coconut and in the fridge, I have shallots (yes), ginger (yes), garlic (yes), serai - er... nope... BUT I have kaffir lime leaves! Yeah.. I can use that and of course you must not forget coconut milk.

So with all the ingredients checked, I am good to go. Got the chili paste grounded, shredded coconut fried and then to put them all together and cook till the beef is tender and oil is released from the chili paste.

The aroma is heaven! and the finished product - even better. See for yourself. Serve with rice or bread - perfect meal for a cold wintry day!

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