Sunday, August 7, 2011


It has been a while since I last post anything on my blog and today, I want to show off my nesting dolls. When you think of nesting dolls, you would think of the country Russia. The typical Russian ones are mainly painted with a woman with a scarf on her head but as things evolved and people get more creative, you get paintings of former Presidents, or anything else you can imagine. And with that in mind, I created my own painting for the nesting dolls.

I thought the Japanese dolls would be interesting and possibly easier to paint as a first timer.

I drew the outline of my Japanese girl first and then I applied acrylic paint. As I begin to paint, I get inspiration to add flowers on the kimono, then flowers on her hair. Sparkles were added and viola... the Japanese nesting dolls were born. A coat of shellac and it all looks like real.

I am happy with the result and happy that I finally did it. The next one I will try would be a set of nesting dolls for Halloween! Stay tuned.

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