Sunday, November 13, 2011

Dickens of a Christmas

I had always loved the Victorian clothing and there was not a reason for me to sew one until now when we volunteered to be the "strollers" on the streets for Dickens of a Christmas.

I was so excited. I had only 3 weeks to make 3 outfits for the family. I took all my costume patterns out and sorted them out. Each pattern requires at least 10 yards of fabric and that is a lot of fabric! I was thinking of ways to overcome that, trying not to spend so much money on the costume although I would if I have to, that is how crazy I am with the Victorian clothing.

Then a spark came into my mind - I can use flat sheets from the bed sheet sets that we have. Out came all my flat sheets to see what colors I have and viola, a maroon one which is just perfect for this pattern I picked for my daughter. She would look gorgeous in it and she does (the photo is proof).

I worked on it nightly after work. I remembered my colleague once asked me how I have the time to do it when I have a full time job. To be honest, if you love what you do, you will find the time which I did. Starting at 9pm, I sew till the wee hours of the morning. Each time I turned off the sewing machine, I feel satisfied that I have completed a part of the costume.

I tackled the bustier first because I have never used boning before. Turned out to be easier than I thought except the boning curls up too much and I had to bend it to straighten it out and putting it on a mannequin helped.

Next came the coat. The coat is fully lined and at first I find the sewing instructions a bit confusing but when I pinned the sections together and looked at it logically, I figured it out and understood how it should be done. Took me a few nights to get the coat completed.

Skirt was my last part that completes the outfit. Finished it in 2 nights but it turned out to be too large for my daughter and I have to unpick and adjust the size accordingly. Not a problem, the skirt is pretty easy to redo.

I am very impressed with the finished garment. I still have to add buttons to the bustier and coat but overall, I must say it is a gorgeous outfit. I surprise myself at times and this one is definitely a true surprise. I did it.

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