Tuesday, July 17, 2012


 This is my second pattern from the Vintage Pattern Lending Library that I am attempting to sew.  At first, I was baffled by the picture on the front cover for the skirt.  I believe it was the angle that the skirt was shown that threw me slightly off.  To me, the scalloped edge seem to be on the side of the skirt. 

I cut out all the patterns, and read the sewing instructions.  At first I was not sure where the scalloped side should be on the skirt.  The picture looked like it is on the side but actually, it is on the right front side of the skirt.  With little instructions provided, I tried to piece the pattern together but could not figure it out.  The other thing that threw me off was that the back skirt is way smaller than the front skirt?  I should have known as I noticed the same thing when I sew my 1st pattern, that of the Princess slip #0336.  The front and back varies quite a bit. I reckon that is how the clothes were designed way back in that time period.  Does any test seamstress out there share my observation? 

After a few days of pondering, I decided to check online to see if anyone has completed this pattern.  Yes, there were but no one seem to have any difficulty?  Am I the only one that cannot figure it out?  I must admit I am a self-taught seamtress, so it is not easy for me to just look at the pattern and know what to do.  I research and test as I go along.

So without much information online, I decided to tackle it myself.  I studied it and then it became clear.  The back skirt is just one piece while the front skirt has 3 pieces.  One with the scallop side which should be placed on the right hand side of the skirt.  The skirt front which is the middle section of the skirt and then the other left side of the skirt (which is the same as the right piece minus the scallop).  Now it make sense to me :-)  Took me awhile though but I know how the skirt should be assembled.

I sew the bias tape on the scallop first.  It is a bit challenging especially the corners and the turns but I did it.  It is not perfect but it will have to do.  After that, I joined the scalloped piece to the front skirt on one side and joined the remaining piece (without scallop) to the other side of the front skirt.  Remember to keep an opening on the scallop side from the top - this would be where the zipper or button will be inserted.  Picture below will give you an idea of how the front skirt is assembled for those, like me find it a bit confusing at first.

Once the front skirt is assembled with all the 3 pieces, sewing the skirt together is not all that hard.  In fact, it is very simple.

So my skirt is almost complete -  I let it hang so the fabric will flow naturally before I hem it up to finish the project.

 I think the skirt is very sophisticated.  I match it with a Victorian blouse (not part of the patterns available from VPLL) and the outfit is ready for an evening stroll in the park. 

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